The Future Of Higher Education

The higher education industry continues to have both challenges and opportunities based on demographic trends, cost pressures, disruption and funding constraints. Continual attention is needed to address challenges and nurture opportunities.

Industry Challenges

The traditional business and financial models are changing, and institutions are finding they need to be more agile, effective and efficient.

  • State funding is flat or down with business conditions attached; such as tuition cost control
  • Federal funding for research and tuition is increasingly competitive and uncertain
  • Competition for traditional students (high school graduates) continues to increase
  • Demand for skilled graduates and lifelong learning opportunities is increasing, particularly in science, technology, engineering, and math
  • High expectations beyond research and education from their students, alumni, and communities, ranging from housing and recreational amenities to “town-gown” relations
  • Competition for talent in information technology and other professional talent from within and outside the higher education industry
  • Bifurcated financial outlook from rating agencies

BlueLine Solutions
Assess qualitative and quantitative data and processes of current operations to recommend solutions tailored to the needs and culture of the institution
Streamline and improve processes with guaranteed results, in partnership with your senior leaders and subject matter experts
Deliver quality talent and staffing solutions that fit your requirements
Customized Approach
Blueline utilizes process improvement standard and best practices that flex to your individual situation
We recognize and appreciate the uniqueness of your institution and our first job is to ascertain what approach will work best for youv
We get to know your organization and culture before recommending an approach from our library of available methods
We work diligently to understand the metrics you measure and value and we work with you to move the needle of the metrics most important to your goals and objectives
We work seamlessly with partner departments across your institution
Our managed services become part of your organization
We are equally passionate about the success of your students, faculty, staff, and constituents

Higher Education Services

Blueline has decades of experience in providing leadership-level expertise in higher education.

Process Design and Technology Lifecycle Planning
Process and technology should be addressed in tandem, in alignment with institutional objectives
Large, expensive enterprise resource planning and student systems have had varied results in higher education institutions. More than ever, these systems need to work for your institution by smoothing and eliminating barriers and administrative overhead
Our vendor-agnostic experts have experience looking at the whole picture – data, processes, people and technology – and can provide a menu of options for getting more out of prior or planned investments
If you need a major upgrade or replacement, it is important to consider that contemporary, configurable SAAS and cloud-based systems continue to come to market as options to legacy systems. When considering these next-generation systems, institutions are purchasing new technology and new ways of doing business
Blueline is an independent party that can look at the big picture surrounding these critical decisions, including the nuances of shared governance and broad inclusion that are important to academic, administrative, and auxiliary units. We can recommend options and pathways, including assistance with assessing, selecting and managing vendors and shovel-ready plans to get implementation started
Information Technology Leadership, Strategy, and Implementation
Institutions need reliable and secure technology infrastructure, effective business and student systems, and innovative teaching, learning and research technology solutions
Providing and managing these solutions is complex, expensive, and requires quality talent
BlueLine has decades of experience in turning around IT organizations in trouble, or helping mature IT organizations increase their contribution further
Whether seeking new leadership at the CIO or director level, mentoring current IT leadership teams, assessing current capabilities, or managing large complex programs, we can partner to help you get best value for your talent and technology investment